Thursday, November 20, 2014

..:: Confession ::..

Walaupun awak bakal menjadi suami orang pada suatu hari nanti,
saya akan tetap menyayangi awak.
Love you adik~


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Mood : Homesick. Rindu my lil brother
Yang sibuk dengan exam sampai tak boleh attend convo kakak dia
Yang sibuk dengan kakom sampai jarang balik rumah time kakak dia cuti

To you (adek), if you happen to read this, please do love me more

Sunday, November 16, 2014

..:: May Allah Guide Us ::..


I have a very patriotic family. My abah was a soldier of The Malaysian Armed Forces.
My mak is a good wife. She always being influenced by abah. 
My mak menakan is a penggerak of bn for umno bahagian Jerai.
Very patriotic family isn't it?

Mat luthfi was once my idol. 
I admire the way he voice out his opinion for every single thing, bravely.
And I used to be like him towards my family, before.
Saying out loud everything that my heart feels right.

"Kita ni, esok-esok dekat akhirat kita akan dipertanggung jawabkan atas pemimpin pilihan kita."

"Cemana nak pimpin masyarakat kalau nak pimpin isteri pun tak boleh?"

"Undang-undang Islam, kena berada di tempat yang tertinggi, tak boleh ada yang lagi tinggi selain darinya."

"Siapa kita nak lawan hukum Allah? Tak mau dengaq cakap ulama'?"

And the list goes on..

Sadly, I was labelled as a rebel, since it is my nature who 'love' to express my feeling through rebellion since I was a children. 

Then after a few years, I stop admiring Mat luthfi for being a brave and outspoken person.
It's true that, Allah who is the one who hold the hearts.
We as a human being just able to put the effort to wake them up.
And then, leave them to Allah.

What I am doing now is, give a piece of tazkirah or reminder once in a while,
and show them the best akhlaq that I can apply to my self.
May Allah open their eyes.

I love this jihad because it brings me closer to Allah.
I hope that, everyone that I love, love this jihad too.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

..:: What's next? ::..


AlhamduLillah, I'm officially graduated. The mission to hold the first degree is unlocked. Now, the new chapter is about to begin (it is actually has began already), bi iznillah.

Frankly speaking, I would like to join my friends to do job-hunting. Because for me, the experiences are priceless. Talking about the job, it is a rizq and Allah has written it for us. Sooner or later, we will get it, insyaAllah. What is vitally important now is, the effort towards it (and the tawakkal). That's why I respect those people who struggle in running their business. Striving to create their own space as their source of rizq. How awesome they are! Applying the sunnah. 

AlhamduLillah, Allah has grant me the chance to work and pursuing next level of degree at the same time. AlhamduLillah. AlhamduLillah.AlhamduLillah. May this effort will give a bunch of benefits to ummah. Ameen. To tell the truth, I just want to live my life by studying only. But unfortunately, making some money is a must nowadays. I was not a bright student (and still I am now) so, I was not capable to apply those top scholarship. But anyway it doesn't matter. I believe that, if my intention is on the right path, Allah will lead the way, insyaAllah.

Some people said that pursuing higher level of degree for the sake of the 'title' is useless. Being a Msc's or PhD's holder is nothing if we can't contribute a great thing to the society. I agree with the statement. It is not the title that we yearn for, it is the contribution, the effort and the passion to bring the ummah forward. Year by year, I started realised that this is maybe a channel or a medium for me to build up my self and get ready to give something to ummah.

Different people comes from different family background. Different upbringing. Different culture. Last but not least, different way of thinking. My mak and abah always told us (my siblings and I) the best property that they are able to give to us is, education. If it cannot be found at home, be prepare to travel ourselves everywhere to find for it. That's maybe the big reason behind my life story. I have face the high and low. Did well and got 5As in UPSR and also graduated high school from the last class. The experiences had taught me a lot, AlhamduLillah. I remembered Azali's speech on how grateful he is to get 20 A1 and 1 A2 in SPM (Azali was SPM's 2007 best student). Who knows, if he got all A1 for 21 subjects, he might be conceited or riak. "Unquestionably, to Allah belongs whatever in the heavens and the earth", let's bear it in your mind Mimie. Don't be too proud of yourself. Nauzubillahhiminzalik. 

This 23 years of living taught me a lot of thing. Yet, I failed to be a pious muslim, astaghfirullah.. I hope that, the chance to be a better muslim that Allah has always give to me is always there, till I really become the one. To build a daulah Islamiyyah (Islamic country by means of the Islamic rules become the core one), to build a mujtama' muslim (muslim society), to build a baitul muslim haraki (a muslim family which actively spread and implement the dakwah and tarbiyah), all of these missions are depend on ourselves. How hard we strive to prepare ourselves for the missions? Ask ourselves and answer through the actions, since the older said action speaks louder than words.

I know I am not matured enough to talk a lot about life. But I think, I am not too old to dream and plan for my future life. Having big dreams (with serious actions and efforts of course) is not too bombastic for a muslim, really. Because we have to improve ourselves day by day to be the better one. Saidina Ali r.a had said that more than thousand years ago, remember? And that's why UNIC, the nasyid team sang a song entitle Menuju Wawasan. 
*Sing it to yourself*

Success in life is a must for a muslim, let's give the best to reach it!
Be grateful and grab the other hands towards the success.
Because Allah loves those who strive the best to defend Islam together.

And the most beautiful and the best success is to earn Allah's blessings~

# Entry for graduation will be upload later, since the camera usb is currently at home. Lame.

##Malas nak buat entry pasal graduation dah (padah procastination)

So... the degree was strived for the sake of Allah & Rasulullah saw (for Islam) and is dedicated to my beloved family dunya n akhirah insyaAllah~