Saturday, December 16, 2017


Assalamualaikum & hye

Since hang potpet aku asyik post pasal BTS
and aku pun still menunggu masa bom nak post pasal INFINITE meletus
So yeah this is a random post
Aku memang bukan spesies nak elaborate panjang-panjang
pasal isu semasa, bencana alam etc dekat blog
Memang genre aku since forever aku tend untuk share
other's writings or masterpiece ja
Kalau tak dekat FB maybe dekat Twitter or Ig
Aku memang tak dak trait nak menyampaikan sesuatu
dengan baik
Ok then just imagine cena aku struggle siapkan sebuah tesis

So harini aku nak tepek sini one of my favourite video ever
Video yang aku tak pernah share dekat mana-mana social media
Sebab aku malu nak share wakaka
Anyway, aku setuju dengan content yang beliau sampaikan
and it makes me realized that Allah has granted me with lots of favours
AlhamduLillah I've been surrounding with those positive people
Mak abah, siblings (adik aku kadang-kadang tingtong),
hang (yang kadang-kadang tingtong jugak sikit).

In short, AlhamduLILLAH
I'm feeling grateful for everything right now.

So here is the random video

Advert: Congratulation JM for made it on news again.
Your fanbase bought ads just to tell you

"Well done PJM. You've done a great job this year."

But for me, even if I just know about you this year,
I know you've done a great job all these years.

"Well done PJM! You've done a great job since the first day
you started your training till this moment."

This noona admires your life journey so much!
I know I'm a bit late for everything but
I will keep on striving insyaAllah.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

..::Indispensable qualities::..

Assalamualaikum & hye

I have tons of books in my wishlist that I yearn for days, months and years.
But due to unstable financial situation, I can't afford to make them mine yet.
Naa.. I'm not a genuine bookworm through and through.
I have a couple of skincare products in my wishlist too.
Truthfully as a kpoper, I can't resist to be influence by their way of life y'know.
Most of them might be 'plastic' and 20/7 with make-up but their facial complexion are seriously 24/7 flawlessly flawless.
Okay enough with self-defense.

While scrolling on my wishlist I've noticed this long time no see book entitled 'The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader'.
Well as usual, I always bear in my mind that when it comes to reading not yet muslim's masterpiece, as a muslim, I have to be open minded but yet not that totally open.
*What a longgggg sentence and oh my go-to-sea-english*

Yes I myself admit that I'm not that smart, 
my knowledge of deen and dunya is not that deep
but Allah still protect and taking care my school of thought

Occay back to the topic.
I like the book after I read the summaries.
To be honest, there are few points that I disagree but still 
most of the points are make sense even for our muslim's thought.
So I would like to paste the points here for my future reference.

Actually, I don't really want to be a leader for other people.
I want to be a leader for my own self.
It's hard to lead Ms.AsmimieAsmawarnieAzizan you know.
She's the most weird and unique creature that I've ever meet in
my entire of life.
It's so tiring to entertain and serve her mind blowing characters.
So that's why I need to implement those good qualities 
in order to lead my own self.

Okay enough self-rant and here's list~


John C. Maxwell

1. Character
􀀹 Character is more than talk
􀀹 Talent is a gift, but character is a choice
􀀹 Character brings lasting success with people
􀀹 Leaders cannot rise above the limitations of their character

2. Charisma
􀀹 Love life
􀀹 Put a “10” on every person’s head
􀀹 Give people hope
􀀹 Share yourself

3. Commitment
􀀹 Commitment starts in the heart
􀀹 Commitment is tested by action
􀀹 Commitment opens the door to achievement

4. Communication
􀀹 Simplify your message
􀀹 See the person
􀀹 Show the truth
􀀹 Seek a response

5. Competence
􀀹 Show up every day
􀀹 Keep improving
􀀹 Follow through with excellence
􀀹 Accomplish more than expected
􀀹 Inspire others

6. Courage
􀀹 Courage begins with an inward battle
􀀹 Courage is making things right, not just smoothing them over
􀀹 Courage in a leader inspires commitment from followers
􀀹 Your life expands in proportion to your courage

7. Relationships
􀀹 Have a leader’s head – understand people
􀀹 Have a leader’s heart – love people
􀀹 Have a leader’s hand – help people

8. Discernment
􀀹 Discover the root issues
􀀹 Enhance your problem solving
􀀹 Evaluate your opinions for maximum impact
􀀹 Multiply your opportunities – be in the right place at the right time – make your luck

9. Focus
􀀹 Focus 70% on strengths
􀀹 Focus 25% on new things 
􀀹 Focus 5% on areas of weakness

"If you chase two rabbits, both will get away."

10. Generosity
􀀹 Be grateful for whatever you have
􀀹 Put people first
􀀹 Don’t allow the desire for possessions to control you
􀀹 Regard money as a resource
􀀹 Develop the habit of giving

11. Initiative
􀀹 Know what you want
􀀹 Push yourself to act – despite fear or risk
􀀹 Make mistakes & learn from them

12. Listening 

􀀹 Your followers 
􀀹 Your customers
􀀹 Your competitors
􀀹 Your mentors

“A good leader encourages followers to tell him what he needs to know,  not what he wants to hear.” Woodrow Wilson

13. Passion
􀀹 Passion is the first step to achievement
􀀹 Passion increases your willpower
􀀹 Passion changes you
􀀹 Passion makes the impossible possible

14. Positive Attitude
􀀹 Your attitude is a choice
􀀹 Your attitude determines your actions
􀀹 Your people are a mirror of your attitude
􀀹 Maintaining a good attitude is easier than regaining one

15. Problem-solving
􀀹 They anticipate problems (looking ahead with prudence)
􀀹 They accept the truth
􀀹 They see the big picture
􀀹 They handle one thing at a time
􀀹 They don’t give up a major goal when they’re down

16. Responsibility
􀀹 They get the job done
􀀹 They are willing to go the extra mile
􀀹 They are driven by excellence
􀀹 They produce regardless of the situation

17. Security
􀀹 Insecure people don’t provide security for others 
􀀹 Insecure people take more from people than they give
􀀹 Insecure people limit their best people
􀀹 Insecure people continually limit the organization

18. Self-Discipline
􀀹 Develop and follow your priorities
􀀹 Make a disciplined lifestyle your goal
􀀹 Challenge your excuses
􀀹 Remove rewards until the job is done
􀀹 Stay focused on results

19. Servanthood
􀀹 Put others ahead of your agenda
􀀹 Possess the confidence to serve
􀀹 Initiate service to others
􀀹 Serve out of love

20. Teachability 
􀀹 Overcome your success
􀀹 Swear off shortcuts
􀀹 Trade in your pride
􀀹 Never pay twice for the same mistake

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” J. Wooden

21. Vision
􀀹 Vision starts within
􀀹 Vision draws on your history
􀀹 Vision meets others’ needs
􀀹 Vision helps you gather resources

Yes, my kpop idol also a reader. Quite a good reader I reckon.
He read the sequel of game fantasy novel which has great values.
(Based on my findings while searching on Legendary Moonlight Sculptor,
one of his favourite reading)
No wonder he got a good wisdom and characters~

'You are what you read.'
-Oscar Wilde

Sunday, December 3, 2017


Assalamualaikum & hye

Aku seriously nak post entry ni minggu lepas tapi since aku busy so aku hold sampai genap seminggu. So this gonna be quite long post everyone. Bajet cakap dengan fan hahh. Lets start with a question,

Why do Allah create those not yet muslim kind hearted?

Well my answer for the question is would be because Allah is the most loving and graceful. Therefore He create those good and bad people with so many reasons. Kalau semua orang perangai buruk susahla kita. Most probably lagi banyak muslim yang akan tertindas. Ok apa kena mengena kind hearted and wings? Kind hearted tu akhlak. Wings tu depict cita-cita. Bagi aku, kejayaan sebenaq tu ialah orang yang berakhlak mulia before and after dia berjaya dalam hidup.

A friend of mine shared his favourite book Tools of Titan. Like seriously aku contact dia atas sebab lain yang tak dak kena mengena dengan buku. Well since dia start cerita pasal idol dalam hidup aku pun buka cerita pasal idol aku. Wakaka. But first of all, we both agree that RASULULLAH SAW is the best and ultimate idol for a muslim. Bila anak muda cerita pasal idola ni, selalunya dia akan cari jugak great people with great mind and personality untuk dia refer and reflex dengan kehidupan dia.

Kawan aku tu punya la dok convince aku baca buku tu. Siap pesan lagi, kalau stuck dengan kpop idol buka buku tu. Since kawan aku tu bukan duduk dekat rumah sebelah so aku tak boleh la pinjam buku tu. Aku download pdf and tengok list of content. Betoi la kawan aku kata bapak ramai great people in the list sharing tip kejayaan. Aku nampak nama Mike Shinoda, idol adik aku. So aku terus baca part dia dulu.

Mike shared a story about advice Linkin Park got from their label in the very beginning:And they tell us things like, Well, you guys need a gimmick. We want to dress Joe in a lab coat and a cowboy hat. And Chester, you should kick a shoe off at every show. It was stupid record-company stuff that sounds like something out of a movie like This Is Spinal Tap. But it was absolutely true, and these were real suggestions. I imagine that if you [reminded them now] theysay, Oh, no, I was totally joking. I assure you they were not joking.” The band agreed amongst themselves to stick to their guns, and they offered their label two choices: shelve us, or let us do what we know how to do. It worked. Ive missed many great financial opportunities predicated on gimmicks. As Thomas Huxley famously said, It is far better for a man to go wrong in freedom than to go right in chains. If youre good, youll have more than one chance.

Who do you think of when you hear the word successful?

Mike thought of Rick Rubin (page 502), not only for songwriting and producing,
but also for life lessons.
So aku pun pi cari pak cik Rick Rubin ni dan baca benda best ni.


“So much of the job is more emotion and heart work than it is head work.’ The head comes in after, to look at what the heart has presented and to organize it. But the initial inspiration comes from a different place, and its not the head, and its not an intellectual activity.


“Going to museums and looking at great art can help you write better songs. Reading great novels . . . seeing a great movie . . . reading poetry. . . . The only way to use the inspiration of other artists is if you submerge yourself in the greatest works of all time. . . . If you listen to the greatest songs ever made, that would be a better way to work through [finding] your own voice today, [rather] than listening to whats on the radio now and thinking, I want to compete with this. . . . [For music,] search online for MOJOs 100 Greatest Albums Ever Made, or Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, or any trusted sources top 100 albums, and start listening to what are considered the greats.

And I totally agree with this part 100.1%. Kalau orang tu jenih tak jeles dengan classmate, labmate or whatever mate dia, doesn’t mean that dia underestimate or downgrade circle dia. Tak semestinya orang yang jenih tak competitive ni jenih lengai laid back etc walaupun sometimes, we do hahaha. We do strive, struggle and put effort in our way and our limit.

My idol is a very kind hearted person. Dia start belajaq menari dari kecik-kecik dan memang ada skill untuk terus menari. Tapi dia tak menyerlah sangat. In fact, sebelum debut 8 kali almost kena kicked out from the group. But since dia still diberi peluang, dia teruskan jugak. Then after debut, he still not shines as others yet. But after years and years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, he improved a lot. Like A LOT. And now at the age of 22, he is one of the best singer-dancer in kpop industry. Yang jadi great dancer ni selalunya rapper. But he can be both vocalist and main dancer.

Dia jenih humble. Like seriously humble. He said he's kind of person that not good at the first attempt. Sama! So dia kena ulang buat satu-satu benda tu banyak kali baru berjaya. Dia pun jenih mengaku dia tak handsome mana (he didn't do any surgery to change his feature) dan insecure dengan tinggi dia yang tak berapa tinggi (173.6cm). Well typical male kpop idol wajiblah handsome, bapak tinggi paling cikai 180cm dan yes hang boleh conquer hati semua wanita then. But this is the thing yang makes him rare spesies, special. That sedaq diri dan merendah diri traits are so menyejukkan perut. Tu tak termasuk cara dia treat family, members and other people lagi.

The thing yang aku clearly nampak sepanjang dia grow up is, he is trying to fly with the beautiful wings in his own time and pace. Dia berusaha ja. Walau ada masanya orang tak notice kelebihan dia. The progress might be slow, buffering etc but it's still moving forward. Bila tiba masanya, dia akan sendirinya shine bright like a diamond, twinkling like a star in the night sky and his beautiful wings will widely open and fly him to the sky. Dan dia still maintain the good behaviour now and then. Like seriously I adore those kind hearted manners.

So jangan heran sangatla apahal ada makhluk yang jenih macam hidup segan mati tak mau or hidup kinda ignorance is a bliss, gaya macam tak ambik port sangat tapi still nak jugak teruskan hidup. Ok aku la tu. Haha. Everyone ada pace masing-masing dalam nak menjalani hidup ni. Ada idola dia tersendiri yang membuatkan dia rasa terinspirasi dan termotivasi dalam usaha nak menggapai cita-cita dia. Sebagai seorang manusia biasa yang penuh dengan kekurangan, aku respek dengan gaya hidup pilihan masing-masing. 

Ada orang nak hidup berteraskan unsur-unsur nilai perfectionisma. Ada orang struggle gila nak ada aset hartanah bertingkat-tingkat sebelum mencapai umur 30. Ada orang nak kaya start bisnes kaw-kaw punya. Ada orang nak bina rumahtangga di usia muda so boleh grow older dengan anak-anak dan banyak lagi. Tapi satu yang aku tak berkenan bila wujudnya spesies, 'kalau aku pikiaq/buat macam ni, hang pun sepatutnya macam ni'. No. That's totally a wrong move.

Everyone ada different life's test, ilmu, skills dan ketahanan masing-masing. Macam mana aku bagi space dekat diri aku yang late bloomer ni mengembang bila tiba waktu dia, macam tu jugak aku buat dekat orang. Just that, untuk tak mematahkan hati sendiri, I always bear in mind that not all people think the same. But it's ok. That's what we call as diversity anyway.

I really want to fly with my beautiful wings and I hope that I will never ever clip off anyone's wings throughout my life. That's it.

Ok dah habeh potpet. Bersempena dengan dua anugerah muzik terbesaq di Korea yang baru saja berlangsung semalam dan malam semalam, saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan,

Congratulations BTS for the 2nd time Artist of The Year MAMA 2017, Song of The Year MMA 2017, Global Artist Award MMA 2017 and another awards!! Congratulations on being the first kpop artist making a perfomance in American Music Awards! 

Another trophy, my hands carry 'em
Too many that I can't even count 'em (turn it up now)
Mic drop, mic drop

Mic Drop by BTS

tweeted on 25th Nov 2017

"Let's fly with our beautiful wings in 2017 as well."- RM, 2016

"So (for) next year, let's fly like 2017 again." - RM, 2017

Yeah I'm flying right now, even if it's not that high. Let's fly higher with our beautiful wings in the next year too guys.