Wednesday, October 29, 2014

..:: The Throwback ::..

This entry was inspired by  Sir Zul's (my science & bio teacher) fb post and also Matluthfi's hari jubah video

It has been 23 years old
I am here where I am now
Feeling blessed, AlhamduLillah
Still striving for the blessings, insyaAllah, biiznillah


I was a student of my primary school's pre school
Wearing the non-covering aurah attire of course
Well I was registered as a student a bit late than others
So, as a 'freshie' I don't have many friends

Primary School

My mak bought me a tudung to completed my school's attire
And the tudung material is kinda light lycra
As far as I concern, I am the only one who wore that kind of tudung
I still remember I bought a small plate of nasi sambal ikan bilis for 20cent
And a cup of cordial drink for 10cent
*incredibly cheap isn't it?"
I am not a good reader (read plenty of books, digest and remember them every words)
but I do love books and love to be around the books
So the library was my favourite place in the school
I became the librarian since I was in standard 3 till standard 6

Secondary School

Most of my hardest times happened there
First time experiencing the hostel life was really torn me into the pieces
AlhamduLillah, Allah has lend me a good clan of buddies there
Who made me feel like I was not invisible
As a student who was not so bright and excellent, no sport's ability, can't marching very well
Introvert, yes I am
However, the peak of jahiliyyah still happened there
*Avril was once my best friend. I listened to her day and night*
I know the purpose of life
But sadly, I didn't treasure it to the fullest


Still be friend with the lady Lavigne and her clan
And others kpop, jpop and hindustan
Plkn was like a summer camp for me
They teach us to be independent and others
And I teach my self to be a good reader
J.K Rowling, Stephenie Meyer and others help me a lot
But, if I can go back to that time,
I will change my self to be a competent slave
Who will never do something that obviously doesn't pleased Allah


KMK, the land of tarbiyyah for me
AlhamduLillah for everything happened there
I meet my usrah
I meet Aishah
I started my baby step to be a contented and competent slave there
I was taught to leave everything that leading us to the sin
It was more than just saying good bye to Avril Lavigne and Big Bang
And of course the 'conscious state' was so unbearable
Feeling like you were killing your own soul with ignorance before
There were so many eye tearing moments and I am very grateful for that
*May Allah hold my self tightly*


I may not be the same as before
But believe me, I am the old me in a few matters
Still introvert, I am
Still homesick & 'friendsick'
But on top of everything
If somebody ask me what have you got from uni other than the academic scroll
I will gratefully say,

"AlhamduLillah, I am so grateful to be a daughter of pesawah and a caretaker who live in a small house in a village full of paddy field, who was raised with love and care, and now I am a slave of Allah, who will strive the best for His blessings, be a good ansorullah and jundullah and fighting to the fullest to make Islam on top of everything and nothing beyond that. May Allah grant me syahid fisabilillah. Ameen. InsyaAllah, biiznillah."

This world is the biggest classroom, Allah is the teacher
Learn whatever that brings you back to Allah
And you will never lost anything 
Instead, you will found everything

SubhanAllah AlhamduLillah Allahhuakbar


A slave of Allah

Thursday, October 23, 2014

..:: Mesej Dari Adek ::..

"Selamat hari tua
dah aku malas nak wish pepanjang
ingat umur kita makin berkurang
kalau dalam perakauanan debit tua, kredit muda
nak hadiah tunggu result pspm nanti"

00:39 October 23, 2014


AlhamduLillah wa syukurillah for everything~

Manusia yang hidup untuk dirinya sendiri, 
usianya amatlah pendek.
Bermula dari hari kelahirannya dan 
berakhir apabila disapa sakaratul maut.
Akan tetapi bagi yang hidup untuk perjuangan, 
usianya amatlah panjang!
Sepanjang perjuangan itu.
Bermula dari hari Allah menciptakan Adam, 
berakhir tatkala Dia memusnahkan alam
-Asy syahid Syed Qutb

sanah helwah wahai ansorullah
selamat meneruskan perjuangan
bergeraklah ke gerbang jasa~